A Stormregion Gepard Game Engine recreation and improvement Project

For users

  • A faithful rendition of the classic action PC game
  • Runs on modern Linux, BSD, macOS and Windows systems

For developers

Frequently asked questions

What is SGEngine

SGEngine is an open-source game engine that attempts to recreate the engine used in the Stormregion’s Gepard Powered games, first released in 2001. With the purpose of enabling better compatibility with modern systems and ensuring that it remains possible to play the game in the future.

The primary goal of the project is to reach “Version 1.0”, this would mean:

  • Fully implementing the original gameplay
  • Compatible with all data formats used in the game
  • Compatible with modern gamepads where possible
  • Able to load save game files from the game
  • Run with community made mods that only change game data
  • Run natively on Windows, Linux and macOS

SGEngine would not aim for Version 1.0 to re-create any obvious bugs such as crashes…

Can I play using SGEngine on my macOS / Linux computer?

Yes. SGEngine runs on macOS and Linux, as well as some BSDs.

Why make SGEngine?

First, SGEngine exists to ensure games will be playable in the future by improving compatibility with modern systems and allowing future developers to make the engine compatible with whatever systems may exist in the future.

In addition to conservation it may also offer a platform for others to create RTS games and etc…

Can I contribute to SGEngine?

Yes, development of SGEngine is open, you can follow along and contribute via the GitHub SGE1 project page.

What licence is SGEngine released under

The SGEngine engine is released under the GNU General Public License Version 3.

What is the story?

Development on SGEngine was started by @bads-tm in 2017 because the awesome THQNordic which by the looks of it still could had S.W.I.N.E.’s source code and license Which was received from JoWood which was recieved from Fish Tank. They still have S.W.I.N.E. in forums, and in download server for patches. Nearly every S.W.I.N.E. post is hidden (but not well enought) in forum. And have made few posts on forum asking for game to be opensourced, but that got made hidden after some time… And lack of map editor and other reasons like old DirectX 8 Network which does not work well on newer systems, and using reshade which needs d3d8to9 thing causes some problems, like selectability is bugged…